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Hino 300 Series

The Hino 300 is an ideal transport solution with an approximate body and payload allowance of between 3390 and 5950 kgs.Rugged and reliable, there is no question that the Hino 300 will get your goods safely to their destination.The Hino 300 is backed by a long history of quality, durability and reliability and Hino’s tried and tested technology.
Download the latest Hino 300 brochure with the vehicle specifications below.


Hino 300 SeriesRetail Price
Hino 300 614 SWB MTR437,966
Hino 300 614 SWB ATR455,711
Hino 300 614 LWB MTR446,384
Hino 300 714 SWB MTR488,440
Hino 300 714 SWB ATR506,196
Hino 300 714 LWB MTR495,616
Hino 300 714 LWB Crew Cab MTR584,361
Hino 300 814 LWB MTR532,174
Hino 300 815 LWB ATR538,223
Hino 300 815 SWB ATR495 444.00
Hino 300 815 Crew Cab ATR637,330
Hino 300 915 LWBR573,942
Hino 300 915 LWB Crew Cab MTR662,699
All prices include VAT.
All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


  Hino 300 Series Brochure (3.27 MB)

Hino 300 Bus Brochure (702 KB)



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